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You can download the istation software for students to use at home.
Dear Parent or Guardian,
At school your child is currently receiving individualized reading instruction through the use of the computer-delivered program Istation Reading. Your child’s school has chosen to continue his or her reading experience by providing unlimited access to Istation Reading at home!
Here's how you can gain access to the parent portal and Istation Home for your child:
You will need the following login information for Sakyra J Hill in order to gain access to Istation Home.
Student's Name: __ | School/Domain: slaughter.mckinney.tx | User Name: s(6 digit student ID number) | Password: (6 digit student ID number)
The next step is to install Istation on your home computer. This is a quick and easy process. Go to and follow the simple installation instructions.
This page will also provide information on how to log in to the Istation parent portal, where you can view your child’s progress and access reports and other resources.

For more information or help, visit, call 1-866-883-7323, ext. 2, toll-free, or e-mail support at

Istation Delivers:

  • Computer-adaptive assessments that dynamically adjust to each student's skill level
  • Pre-K through 8th grade curriculum in reading and interdisciplinary studies
  • Engaging, interactive content in a game-like format that kids love
  • Differentiated instruction that corresponds to RTI tiers
  • Assessments and lessons reviewed by a respected advisory board of academic scholars
  • Measurable results in elevating students to on-grade-level reading
  • Aspirational characters that engage students and serve as role models of achievement
  • Automatic, real-time scoring that saves teachers time and reduces the risk of human error
  • Immediate access to comprehensive, customizable, insightful reports
  • A program that requires no manual data re-entry or manual syncing
  • A rich library of teacher resources, including over 1,900 teacher-directed lessons, complete bibliographies for each lesson, online interactive books, a teacher's manual, a user's guide, and technical support

Phonological Awareness is comprised of many skills that are typically mastered in a specific order as one skill builds upon the previous one. The istation test covers blending very specifically. As you can see from the image below, blending relies on many prerequisite skills: rhyme, alliteration, syllable awareness, isolation (of sounds), identity (letter name & sounds), & categorization. Onset-rime awareness involves blending word chunks, such as /b/ + /am/ = bam. This is where word families can be a good focus of study.


As you can see from the picture, phonemic awareness is the tail end of phonological awareness. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear sounds in isolation and to manipulate those sounds. And, as shown by the chart above, there is a sequence to developing phonemic awareness just as there is phonological awareness, from easiest tasks to the more challenging tasks (isolation to substitution). This makes identifying the phonological and/or phonemic instruction a child needs much easier!

If a child cannot blend (phonemic awareness), go back and see if he can categorize a sound, and so on. If a child cannot isolate a sound (first step in phonemic awareness), you need to go back through the steps of phonological awareness and see if he can identify onset-rime, etc.